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The Artistic Value of the Song and Yuan Dynasty | Donelric Owens | | THE CHINESE INNOVATION | | THE CHINESE INNOVATION | Introduction The Two of the most significant dynasties that has its qualities and quantities in the history of Chinese art are the Song and Yuan Dynasty. The concept and history of their paintings, calligraphy, ceramics, Buddhism, and architecture discovered in these two periods will give you the knowledge, and appreciation for each of these works. The history behind the works of each piece will gain you the understanding of what China is today. The Song Dynasty was considered to be the renaissance dynasty in Chinese history. It has succeeded the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period, and was followed by the Yuan Dynasty. The Song Dynasty was the first to use a banknote, for the use of monetary value. Since then, it became heavily influenced by the New Confucianism. The cause is based on gaining new knowledge, creating the tools to enhance intellect and moral values. Architecture during the Song period reached new heights of sophistication. In architecture, the Song period combines a structure of boldness with refinement of detail (167). Landscape painting became an individual genre and the mainstream of the arts. There are at least six essentials in painting. Spirit, rhythm, thought, scenery, brush, and ink combines the composition and technique in painting. The calligraphic style in the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty followed that of the Tang Dynasty. The Song Dynasty was rich in cultural heritage but weak in national defense. Perhaps because of the indirect influence of the Sung Dynasty’s weak military power, calligraphy could not be compared on the same level with the Jin and Tang Dynasties. All of the four famous calligraphers of the Song Dynasty, Su Shi, Huang Ting-Jiang, Mi Fu and Tsai Hsiang, invented

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