'The Chinese In All Of Us' By Richard Rodriguez

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Sabrina Zapata Professor Rhonda Joseph English 1302 June 23, 2015 A Mexican American Explores Multiculturalism The Chinese in All of Us was written in 1992 by Richard Rodriguez. The definition of multiculturalism found on dictionary.com means “the view that the various cultures in a society merit equal respect and scholarly interest. It became a significant force in American society in the 1970s and 1980s as African-Americans, Latinos, and other ethnic groups explored their history”. Our identity is shaped by the recognition of others. Identity is something one achieves from within by being true to his or herself. The race has always been an explosive topic in America. Human characteristics and being blind to the differences of others…show more content…
We have grown in America making other customs and cultures our own. We learn from one another and are open to new things by our neighbors. So in a sense we feel as if we have become familiar and maybe even part of that culture. The Latin culture is well known throughout America and has become part of the melting pot. Another way you could look at it would be we a melting pot? Maybe we should consider comparing culture to a pot of Gumbo. Gumbo has big chunks of meat and vegetables cook in the rue. A melting pot boils everything down until it disintegrates. Not only do I like Gumbo but it seems to make more sense when speaking of multiculturalism. We never really lose what has been taught to us. I never thought of it that way until…show more content…
Our lives melting into one another.” What a beautiful way to put it. In an article, I found on Cultural Survival where an interview took place with a Historian (Schlesinger). He states that the reason the Unites States vast multicultural society has worked for over centuries is due to overriding the conception of an American nationality. American citizenship has not only been enriched by strangers from different countries, but it has been transformed. America once a racist country that was initially run by white settlers who felt subgroups should be enslaved to do peon labor. The enslavement of minorities has been a major theme of American history but look at us now. Take note to all this country has done to overcome these obstacles. Although still not perfect but at least the effort to continue to make improvements is a common language we all can

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