The Children's Act 1989: Safeguarding A Child

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CHILDCARE LEGISLATIONS 1 Children’s Act 1989 The children’s act 1989 safeguards your rights to receive assessments if needed to ensure a child has a reasonable standard of health and development and also an assessment would take into consideration health social care and educational needs. The act was a definite shake up of children’s rights and protection for everyone to work together who works with children for the safety and safeguarding against any form of abuse and to take action if a child is at risk also the act stated that a child would be consulted and would have a say before final decisions were made. In my setting I work with the parents and schools and if there is any problems we work things out together as a team .The children in my setting are never…show more content…
Safeguarding and promoting Children’s Welfare Every child receives and enjoys challenging learning and development experiences that meets their individual needs and make sure they are safe. Child minders must safeguard children at all times if abuse is suspected it must be reported and I must record it. Documentation In my setting I have all the relevant policies and procedures to do with safeguarding I must record any accidents and bruises and tell parents about any incidents that has happened when they arrive. Suitable premises environment and equipment Indoor spaces toys furniture and equipment must be safe and suitable for the children in my setting Organisation Child-minders have to plan and organise in their setting to ensure the children develop and achieve challenging learning experiences Data Protection Act
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