The Children Act 1989

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E1 Children Act 1989 The Children Act 1989, was implemented on 14 October 1991, it Introduced comprehensive changes to legislation in England and Wales affecting the welfare of children. It is concerned with families, fostering, child-minding, and day care provision and schools. The Children act 1989 is particularly important because it emphasises the importance of putting the child first. From reading the act I found that in summary, the Act states that: * What is best for the child must always be the first consideration. * Whenever possible children should be brought up by their own family. * Unless the child is at risk of harm, a child should not be taken away from their family without the family’s agreement.…show more content…
The Act sought to emphasize the importance of inter-agency work and cooperation in meeting the needs of children and to ensure that children’s views are ascertained and represented, improve outcomes for all children, as well of those defined as “in need” under the Children Act 1989, by focusing services more effectively around the needs of children, young people and families. The laming Report following the death of Victoria Climbie was highly critical of the way the case was handled and made 108 recommendations to overhaul child protection in the UK. As a result The Every Child matters guidelines, led to this…show more content…
* The role of Local Safeguarding Children boards. * The process to be followed when there are concerns about a child * The action to be taken to safeguard and promote the welfare of child experiencing risk or harm. * The important principles to followed when working with children and families, * Training requirements for effective child protection. Above taken from: This act is supported in my school in the “safeguarding policy”. It states that “all staff are required to read chapters 1 & 2 of working together to safeguard children and to understand the principles in order to perform their roles effectively. (There are relevant examples for schools)”. Available in Data Protection Act 1998 The act came into force in March 2000 replacing the 1984 Act. It states that all settings processing personal information must comply with the 8 enforceable principles of good practice. * Fairly and lawfully processed * Processed for limited purposes * Adequate, relevant and not

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