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The Child My story takes place about a year ago. I was 15 and spending the summer with my best friends Allan. During the week we would stay at his mother's house which was unusually pretty uneventful but, on the weekends, we go to go to his grandmother's house. Allan's grandmother's house was way up in the mountains about an hour from civilization. Her house was the oldest house on the family farm which was completely self sufficient because they grew their own food, raised their own cattle, and everything else that goes along with owning a farm. Allan's grandmother was about 80 years old and very odd. She would tell us stories about the farm, people dying, ghost sightings and more. She would really freak us out when she would sit in the living room and sit to talk to an empty chair as if a person was sitting there or lay in a bed and whisper to someone and laugh, but no one was ever there. One night, Allan's grandmother told us a story and I will never forget what happened afterwards. She said one day, about twenty years ago, her son, Nolan, had a terrifying experience while riding his horse next to the family cemetery. Nolan was checking the fence that separated the family property from the neighboring family's property. It was raining outside and the thunder and lightning was starting to get really bad. As Nolan decided to turn around and come home, he heard what he described as a young child weeping. Nolan slowed his horse to a brisk walk and tried to look through the rain to see if he could see the child. As he came to the cemetery, he saw a child sitting in the middle of the field. The child was facing away from him and had a hooded type blanket on, with the hood covering the child's face. Nolan got off his horse and walked over to the child. The child was just rocking back and forth and continually getting louder and louder as it cried. Nolan placed

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