The Chicago Tribune Tower Competition Essay

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The Chicago Tribune Tower Competition In 1922 there was an international design competition for the Chicago Tribune tower. There was a total of 264 designs submitted ranging from 23 different countries. Saverio Dioguardi was an Italian Architect whose entry will be analyzed. The building design is broken up into the tripartite system. It consists of the monolithic first floors, then two towers that represent the ongoing shaft of offices, and atop of this is the attic. The three divisions of this design seem to be equal in height. The overall composition of the design is a reference to the Triumphal or Memorial Arch, and is very ornate with bas relief and statues. The lower section of this design is very rectilinear. The entrance resembles a portico that rises above the box design signifying the entrance; clustered columns support a balustrade from which rises four monolithic Corinthian columns. The Entablature above the Corinthian columns encases the name of the building in the frieze. Atop of the cornice of the portico, there is a massive statue of a man in a chariot being drawn by a team of horses. Large Pilasters are located at each corner of the building. Along the side of the building is a large arch which encases a balustrade supported by Corinthian columns. The frieze in the entablature of this portion of the building is filled with bas reliefs decorating the building. The middle section is the shaft, it is formed by twin towers that rise vertically uninterrupted and meet with either side of the arch. Large pilasters make up the front and rear façades of the towers. Along the side and interior (of Arch) façades there are engaged Tuscan columns that span the entire height of the towers. The only horizontal division of the shaft is a cantoned strip about a fifth of the way up. Other than that the only hint of division is the spandrel

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