The Cherokee Nation Essay

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-The exact origins of the Cherokee are unknown, and woven into the debate on when and how humankind originated, or first entered into, North America -The Cherokee speak an Iroquoian language, so the linguistic evidence suggests they lived in the American northeast in the pre-contact period -Nearest linguistic relations are the Iroquoian people of the Great Lakes, ect. -Cherokee- southeast -Cherokees occupied 40,000 square miles of land and which included 8 states -The arrival of Europeans actually allowed the Cherokee to expand inland from their strongholds in the Appalachian Mountains, as other historically larger and more powerful groups died out -Archaeological evidence from the 14-15th centuries shows other groups to the north and west splintering and fading away -De Soto’s expedition in 1540 and Juan Pardo’s in 1567 brought pathogens to the Southeast, and devastated many other native groups -The Cherokee were relatively small and less significant, and thus not on the direct path of either expedition’s march -While still affected, the Cherokee weren’t hit as hard as other, and thus emerged, by default, a more powerful group afterwards The Name -The early Cherokee called themselves Ani-Yun-Wiya, which means “principal people” -Neighboring tribes from Muskogean language groups called them Chilikee, or “people of a different speech” -The chroniclers of Hernan De Soto expedition in 1540 called the area Chalique -“Cherokee” is thus an Anglicized form of these last two names. The English are coming -After Pardo left in 1567, the Cherokee were undisturbed by Europeans until the arrival of English settlers on the Carolina coast in 1670 -Smallpox epidemic in 1697 -A contemporary commentator noted the ill-effects of the “vices and distempers of the Old World,” -In 1715 the English settlers made estimates of the native population- they thought that the
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