The Cheesecake Factory Essay

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The Cheesecake Factory | | | | The Cheesecake Factory Oscar and Evelyn Overton had always dreamed of owning a successful business. Their dream started in the late 1940’s when Evelyn, an exceptional cook and who created the original cheesecake recipe, opened her first tiny cheesecake shop in Detroit. However, she had given up on that dream and closed her shop to raise her two children, David and Renee. She continued to supply her cheesecakes to the finest restaurants in town by baking the cheesecakes in her basement. By 1971, the children were grown and Oscar and Evelyn, now in their early fifties, made the decision to move their basement shop to Los Angeles, California. Once settled in, with the rest of what remained of their savings, they opened “a 700 square foot store, and named it “The Cheesecake Factory.”1 They both worked long hours, Evelyn focused on baking and managing the store while Oscar focused on selling and promoting the business. By 1975, Oscar and Evelyn’s reputation had grown. Their sales had ballooned and they needed to expand just to keep up with the incoming orders. This was the time when Evelyn became creative and created more than twenty different variations of her cheesecakes and other delicious desserts. It was also in this same year they expanded their business deliveries “from Santa Barbara to San Diego and developed more out-of-state customers.”1 The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant was created by their son David and opened in Beverly Hills, California in 1978 and was an instantaneous success. This full-scale restaurant offered the customers “generous portions with unlimited, inventive menu selections made fresh from quality ingredients.”1 The Cheesecake Factory restaurant is an upscale casual dining experience that offers around 200 menu items which includes appetizers, pizza, seafood, steaks, chicken, burgers,

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