“the Chaser” by John Collier Essay

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1. Plot Summary ( No more than 3-4 sentences about what happens) Alan is in love with a young woman named Diana, and she does not return his affections. He visits the chemist, who originally shows him a potion called “the glove-cleaner” while all the while Alan was actually interested in buying the “love potion” sold by the man. Alan ends up buying this, and the chemist vaguely states that his customers always come back for more expensive things after getting what they want the first time. 2. Character Details (Name protagonist, antagonist and other minor characters that play a role in moving the plot along.) Protagonist: Alan, a desperate man who wants to buy a potion to secure the love of a woman. Antagonist: By definition, an “antagonist” is the character who is in the way of the protagonist fulfilling his objective. By this logic, the real antagonist in the story is Diana. She is the person preventing Alan from getting his obsessive ideal of romantic love. Although we don’t get much insight of her personality besides the fact that she is an outgoing young woman. Secondary character: I’d file the chemist as a secondary character because, although he is the one that moves the plot along by giving Alan the love potion, he is in no ulterior way benefitted by the exchange. He could have as easily sold the potion to some other desperate guy and it would not have a difference to him. 3. Key Setting Details (Including an analysis of atmosphere.) I have no clear sense of where the events take place. There is a remarkable lack of descriptions. By the nature of the exchange, one would assume they are at a pharmacy or even an apothecary’s shop. 4. Conflict: I found two conflicts. The first one is obviously Alan, who suffers from unrequited love. In normal circumstances, this would not be motivation enough for a character, in my opinion. But

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