The Chaser Essay

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The Chaser" " John Collier’s “The Chaser”, is a short story which contrasts beautiful, energetic, unreal hopes, wrong ideas, and thoughts of youth, versus the almost evil, extreme disillusions of aged experienced old generation. Alan the young man is full of illusion; unreal expectations for love and having a relationship, in which he has no experience and never been in love before, but unlike the old man who is familiar with. The old man in the story symbolizes knowledge and experience in every little detail of life, regardless to Alan who is a young inexperienced little fellow who is seeking to live his life properly. The first indicator of the dimensions between Alan and the old man is the way they interact and speak with each other such as ;" "sit down Mr. Austin," said the old man very politely". The old man speaks on a high educated standard; he approaches Alan in such a very formal speech unlike Alan who talks in such a simple basic regular speech, "It is true that you have a certain mixture that extraordinary effect? Asked Alan". Secondly, Alan's naivety and immaturity is obvious from the way he views and exemplifys love, Alan’s love for Diana is shallow, Alan's decision to go to the potion maker; the old man is an indirect way of forcing Diana to fall for him. “She is already [everything to me]. Only she doesn’t care about it”. Alan knows she is not in love with him and doesn’t care about him; he is ready to give her the love potion and deny the fact that beneath the love potion Diana doesn’t care. The old man in this section has seen many young men like Austen that were chasing their romantic desire before. The old man doesn't agree with Alan's romantic thoughts and shows differences between youthful thoughts and adults ideas of love. Last but not least Alan's depression gets to him therefore he is ready to do whatever it takes to make Diana loves him
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