The Charter School's Takeover Essay

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The Charter School’s Takeover The articles I chose for my educational issue paper are “Downtown School Hits Opposition” from The Wall Street Journal written by Barbara Martinez, published on March 9th 2011, and “In a Battle Over Space, an Educator Takes On a National Charter School Chain” from The New York Times written by Michael Winerip and published on March 28th 2011. I chose these articles because they both deal with an educational issue that has been coming to the forefront of the education battle in politics the last few years and that is the rise and proliferation of charter schools. The articles I chose are also similar in content as they deal with the opening of a new charter school at the expense of a new public school as in The New York Times article, or at the expense of the public need for a public school to provide seats and make up the “over 900 seats” that they are short in the lower grades in Community Board 1 in Lower Manhattan. The tone versus charter schools is quite different in each article, with The Wall Street Journal glorifying the Innovative Manhattan Charter School, while the Times article was more journalistically responsible and focused more on facts while also bringing into question KIPP’s approach to education. The central question, public school v. charter school isn’t entirely broached in either article. Instead, the consequence of the charter schools existence and emergence, as the school of choice by policymakers and legislators is the focus of both articles. The question of whether charter schools are best for the future education of the American youth is continually debated, however, all we need to do is look at anything else that has ever been privatized and notice that the quality of that good or service has waned as time has gone by. Charter schools will be no different. If they are left for money hungry hedge-fund

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