The Character Traits of Abraham and Isaac Essay

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The Character Traits of Abraham Abraham was a man who sought after God. In most everything that we learn about his life we see that he chose to have faith and to be a good leader. However, just like any other person, he had his faults and shortcomings. At times he decided to go his own way, instead of trusting God’s omniscient and omnipotent nature. In this paper I will discuss several character traits that I feel describe Abraham and the choices that he made throughout his life. “Faith is taking one step even if you can’t see the entire staircase.” During his life, Abraham took many steps of faith. In one instance, God told Abraham to pack up his things, leave his relatives, and go to a place that would be shown to him. It must have taken a lot of faith for Abraham to leave everything he knew to live in an unknown land, but Abraham had faith in who God is, and what He said that He was going to do. Abraham not only spoke of his faith in God, but also revealed it through his actions. Abraham was not always a prime example of a good leader. He was not the head of his household, and he often let his wife “rule the roost”. However, he could not have successfully led such numerous amounts of people, if he did not possess some of the qualities that make a good leader. He was loyal to his followers. He stood with them even when disputes rose up, and he continued to provide for them. He was also generous and fair. When Abraham and his nephew Lot parted ways, Abraham chose to give Lot the better land, and when Sarah was excessively cruel to her handmaid, Hagar, Abraham stepped in, and tried to do best for both parties. Abraham was, despite his shortcomings, a good leader. Abraham fell short in one specific aspect of his relationship with God. Time and time again we see Abraham’s trust falter. Abraham continued to “take measures into his own hands”, when times

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