The Character of Psychopathic Stuntman Mike

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In Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 film Death Proof, Tarantino introduces fans to a psychopathic male character named ‘Stuntman Mike’ who receives sexual gratification from murdering his female victims with his car. The movie is divided into two segments and each one has its own group of females which is targeted by Stuntman Mike. The first segment gives the viewer an in-depth, first-hand look into his character and capabilities, while the second segment highlights his character superficially and focuses more on his murderous and illogical actions. In spite of Stuntman Mike’s bizarre sexual preferences and sinister personality, the first segment reveals that Stuntman Mike is a unique and complex character as he is highly intelligent, plays the role of the traditional bully and finally, possesses the ‘Cowardly Lion’ syndrome. Firstly, in the first segment of Death Proof, Stuntman Mike is portrayed to be extremely intelligent with strong analytical and strategic planning skills. As a past-time, Stuntman Mike enjoys stalking his victims prior to murdering them, going as far as taking photos without their knowledge (or consent) to discreetly following and watching his victims through binoculars. However, through these disturbing activities, Stuntman Mike is able to study his victims and assess their characters, thoughts and feelings. In one example, in his first group of victims was a girl named Arlene. With Arlene, he was able to assess that she was afraid of him because of his scar – and partially because she was aware that he was following them. Furthermore, he understood that she was lonely and her feelings were hurt because no one had asked for a lap dance – a prank Jungle Julia played on her through the radio. This is evident when he tells Arlene that she looked “touché” and when she asks for clarification, he explains: Wounded, slightly… Because you expected

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