The Character of Pip in Two Perspectives

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The character of Pip from two perspectives Great Expectations concentrates upon the growth and development of a single character. This of course is the persona of Philip Pirrip, who is better known to himself and others throughout the novel as Pip. As the main character of Great Expectations, Pip focuses the reader’s attention to his actions throughout his life – from the years of his childhood, through the time he is learning to be a gentleman, and finally – becoming one. However, Pip is also the narrator, so his thoughts, attitudes and personal perceptions help the readers to comprehend what goes inside Pip’s mind now, that he is a gentleman, and how he looks back to what he has gone through in the past. And so, the most important step to understanding Great Expectations has to be getting to know Pip. Although Pip tells the story of his life looking back, when he has already gone a long way in becoming who he is today (Pip, the narrator), we have to keep in mind that he is also the main character in this story (Pip the character). And so, we have two Pips – Pip the narrator and Pip the character. One tells the story and the other one plays it. It is important to notice Pip the narrator’s attitude, maturity and perspective towards Pip the character. Still, Pip the character’s impact with life and the feelings these impact brings up are left untouched by Pip the narrator. Charles Dickens has been very careful with how he shapes the two Pips, so that the reader can easily distinguish them from one another. We can first notice this in the beginning of the book. Here this distinction involves Pip the narrator, who makes funny remarks to his own self, but still allows the reader to see the world through the eyes of young Pip’s eyes. From here on, there are two main perspectives – how Pip the character sees and feels about the world and how these views change in time,
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