The Character Of God Found In Book Of Genesis Essay

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Genesis introduces the beginning of everything, except the Almighty God (Epp, p.8). Genesis “shows how God’s character overcomes man’s failure under different situations” (Wilkinson & Boa, p.8). With this understanding that the majority of the events provide glimpses of the characteristics of God, an in depth look will be made, using major events noted in the book. Not only will His character be study through his activities but also the statements God makes about Himself and the statements others make about Him and the names and titles to which He is referred. The author of Genesis does not attempt to explain the multi facets of God’s character; rather he states the actions of God (Epp, p.8). It is stated in 1:1, “In the beginning God created…”heaven, earth, light, darkness, water, earth, sky, vegetation, animals and man. It is seen here that God is a creative being, concerned with the vast and intricate. Through all of God’s creation it is seen that He is of supreme power, since He can create and control all that is within the universe. Dr. John R. Rice states that, as a result of God’s work we can see that “He made all things. He made life. He is all knowledge, all wisdom, all-powerful. He is all goodness, all mercy and all loving-kindness” (p.22). As a creator, we can deduce that God establishes laws as well. By providing boundaries between darkness and light and land and sea and all that inhabits these created spaces. He established natural confines specifying “the roles of the species within it” (Hawkes, 01/16/03). God also showed himself as Lawmaker and Judge to man by giving him guidelines, boundaries, and laws. Genesis 1:26b explains that man was given the job of ruling over and naming every living creature in water, earth or sky (2:19,20) and maintaining the

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