The Changing Roles Essay

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The Changing Roles of Women, Children, Minorities, and the Disabled The time has come! Finally women, children, minorities, and the disabled have different roles to play in life. It was hard for them in them in the early in 1920’s. For example women in the 1920’s didn’t work outside their homes. They always had the same responsibilities of conserving food and fuel resources in the early part of the war. Many thought that if women got involved in politics they would stop getting married, having children and the human race wouldn’t stay the same. All that changed in the 1920’s when the 19th amendment was passed and gave women the right to vote. That was when all the women began to have new rights which lead to a lot of happiness. They had equal rights toward women and men, making mother join guardians over children, and raising the protection of young girls to 18. It was also very hard for children in the 1920’s; they all lived in many different circumstances. They went through a lot at the time. They were forced to work in factories. They went from sewing all the way to building cars. Can you imagine life like that for kids? Well I can’t, luckily times like that are over now. Now education for kids is very important life. In all states kids 8 through 14 are required to go to school for part of the year. It finally came to the point where education is the first thing you have to master in life. But there was also a very huge problem along with education and that was racism. Schools differentiated between black and white kids. Black kids had to use the torn up books, use different bathrooms, and even use different water fountains. While white niggas it easy they got the new books, the better playgrounds and more. Life was hard for them but at least they were able to have fun. The fun came from the sports for kids. They had baseball, basketball, and many others. Life

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