The Change Management Life Cycle Essay

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The Change Management Life Cycle- Involve Your People to Ensure Success Introduction: Every organization is affected by change. Still, organizational change initiatives fail at an alarming rate. This is because most initiatives fail to consider how changes affect the people in an organization. Without understanding the dynamics of the human transition in organizational change, change initiatives have a slim chance of success. If organizations, whether private or public, cannot change and adapt, they will not thrive or worse, they may not survive in today's dynamic environment. This article looks at the critical role that people play in the three phases of the Organizational Change Management Life Cycle-Identify, Engage, and Implement-and offers guidance on how organizations can minimize "people issues" during change initiatives. For each phase of the life cycle, the article describes valuable techniques for involving the people within an organization. It also discusses the importance of developing a flexible, incremental implementation plan. The Elements of Change: In every organization, regardless of industry or size, there are three organizational elements that both drive change and are affected by change: Processes Technology People Technology supports the processes designed to respond to changes in market conditions. Ultimately, however, it is the people who must leverage these processes and technology for the benefit of the organization. Process Business processes are defined by process maps, polices and procedures, and business rules that describe how work gets done. These processes are redesigned or realigned as new prospective customers or better ways to provide service to existing customers (both internal and external to the organization) are identified. This drives the adoption of new technology. Technology Technology ensures greater

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