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Robert Duby English 2329 American Literature Oct 21, 2012 The Change In early American texts there is a strong notion of what society should be like. You have the stereotypical format of the white man being in power and making all the money not only for his family but more so than any other race or gender in the nation. It is very prevalent that the white male was the “head honcho”. Women had next to no rights. Their jobs were to simply be there for support and everyday chores around the houses they resided in. as appalling as we may now find this fact society over a century ago, or even just a century ago, was filled with an incredible amount of racism and prejudice. Not only that but they were the most sexist times as well. Also religion was amongst the biggest topics in literature. Bradstreet shows us how judgmental it could be. There was a set way society was expected to be. In later texts it is ever so slightly more lenient. Still outrages amounts of sexism and racism but it is definitely leaps and bounds compared to Franklin’s times. The white male was still in charge, or at least held to the highest respects as shown in “The Lottery”. Religion was important however it switched drastically towards politics. The change between these time periods could be viewed as drastic. It could also be considered slight. It really all depends on the eye of the beholder. In earlier writings religion was the most prominent topic because the culture revolved around it. If you did not follow the way of the lord and believe Jesus died on that holy cross for each and every one of us then you were an outsider. You were wicked and not to be seen around. Science was not a factor either. When an act was done without an explanation as to how it happened then it was either a miracle or wicked. The Salem Witch Trials shows us this. Each author demonstrates this in their texts.

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