The Challenges of Nigerian Graduating Student in Skill and Value Essay

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INTRODUCTION This paper throws light on the challenges of graduating student as it concerns values and skills that would help graduates in not just employment, but life after their university education. The paper is a well research work to show the views of a lot of scholars on the issue. It has to do with the view point of graduating student in faculty of social science, university oof Calabar and Cross River University of Technology. It has been divided into factors for proper outlining and better understanding. The ways of handling the anomalies was also stated towards the end of the paper. This would give answers to questions begging for an answer on the anomalies discussed. It was also written in simple English for the understanding of all who come across it. The challenges for university graduates are enormous. Here they are given due consideration and outlined as follows; Factor 1-PARENTAL FACTOR Parental pressure is the number one problem of young graduates in employment. Social Psychologists have found-out that, individuals that are allowed that are allowed to make career choices do far better than those whose parents interfered and caused them to do courses in the university at which they had no interest of their own. When a person is forced to study what he/she has no interest, the individual either does poorly due to lack of interest or drops the career as soon as he or she is out of the parents reach. Take for instance some of the n musician today who, had an interest in music but pushed to other careers; Dr. Sid. Dr. Sid is a dentist who immediately after graduation, went to Lagos to join the Mo. Hits Record label. Another is Davido. A nineteen years old man who, is also forced to stay in school in one of the private university in Nigeria. When he dropped his first album in his first year, he got a
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