The Challenges and Opportunities of Marketing in Today's Economy

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Introduction There are some major challenges and opportunities that exist in the marketing strategies of the modern economy. We have tried to take into account the nature of the basic marketing decisions, and some of the activities that take place in the planning process. The ideas of traditional marketing strategies vary considerably over time, from the middle of the 1990s. The modern economy, marketers are focused on the needs of the customer satisfaction or better than those of competing firms. Because, as the economic decline, the price is the main issue for individual consumers and corporate customers, they always compare the prices with other competitors. Moreover, the marketing strategy is good for marketers in today's economy, such as trade in promoting, brand building and innovative products that these factors will attract new of clients and allow businesses increase their margins. Challenges and opportunities to play a greater role in marketing in the modern economy. It is true that technology has changed leading to advances in transportation, communications, computers and information technologies, automobiles, and so on. Such factors have led marketers achieve their potential customers. Nevertheless, marketers have a few choices to move to clients because they have the opportunity to compare stores and set their own prices when buying online, and are connected to each other, getting access to information. Thus, marketers need to ensure that their production high quality with a reasonable price, this is only one of the ways they can keep your target audience and loyalty. In addition, various products or services, sales on the Internet, as well as a huge amount of information available online has changed. Basic Marketing Consepts. What is market, exchange, product? So what exactly is Marketing. There are a lot of different

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