The Centre Party Essay

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The Centre Party is a liberal political party and the fifth largest party in the Swedish parliament. It is also Sweden’s third largest party in number of members. The leader of the party is Annie Lööf, since 2011. Ideology: Their political position is centre-right, and their ideology is a mixture of liberalism, social liberalism, nordic agrarianism, decentralization politics and centrism. 
They focus mainly on agricultural, environmental and rural questions. They call themselves “a green social liberal party”. The Centre Party believes in every individual’s right to shape their future and decide more for themselves. They want people to have a job to go to wherever they choose to live. Therefore, they want growing businesses all over Sweden. They highlight how important it is that we take responsibility for the environment. A healthy and vibrant environment is essential for prosperity and growth. Long-term key issues are the phasing out of new clear power, since its a risky, non renewable energy source and to decentralize governmental authority. For instance, if you have a problem in Luleå you solve the problem on location instead of having a group of people in Stockholm solving the problem. The Centre Party is the long-term option in Swedish politics, according to themselves. They stand for sustainable policies in all areas. The Centre Party is currently a minor-party in the center-right Alliance. They have cooperated with the Social Democrates in the past, but they are considered to be their main enemy in the present. Many of the voters come from rural areas, mostly farmers and small businessmen. In recent years they have attracted voters from urban areas and liberal voters (people who usually vote for the Liberal party) as
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