The Cellist of Sarajevo

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The Cellist of Sarajevo – Critical Essay Trials and tribulations are imperative aspects of life. Without them, individuals could not truly appreciate the beauties and treasure of life, and neither could they attain satisfaction of achievement. However, in order to face difficulties, individuals are required to remain steadfast, and evolve mentally, physically and emotionally according to the situation. Those who fail to do adjust to the circumstances, however threatening they may be, ultimately fail to benefit from the fruits of it. It is indubitable, that when faced with adversity, some are innately more inclined to having a desire to overcome the obstacle, whereas others become overwhelmingly repressed by the circumstances and fail to overcome them. In his story “The Cellist of Sarajevo”, Steven Galloway depicts characters who combat their problems in various ways. One of the characters being Arrow, who is desperately lost in her vows of seeking vengeance and has gone through a transformation, yet she eventually manages to find her true identity. Through the use of the characters in his play, the author proves to us that adversity reveals and moulds an individual’s character and identity. However, the effect of adversity depends on the individual being tested, and their willingness to overcome the obstacles. Facing difficulties and devastations, regardless of their magnitude, is an inevitable aspect of life. In the story, the town of Sarajevo has been inflicted by a devastating war. One which has forced the survivors to constantly live in fear of death. However, in order to contest these problems, the characters require dedication and perseverance. The most important character, despite his lack of stage time, is the Cellist himself. After witnessing the death of his fellow citizens he decides to commemorate them with his only true passion and skill; playing
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