The Cellist of Sarajevo Essay

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Summary Chapter 1: It is 1992, and the inhabitants of the city of Sarajevo are living in terrible conditions. They are surrounded on all sides by a hostile army. The snipers of this army are continually firing into the town and killing people. No food can get in and there is hardly any electricity. One inhabitant is a once-famous cellist. When times are really bad, he takes up his instrument and plays a piece called Albinoni’s Adagio. To him it represents hope that something good can come out of the war. One day, he looks out of his window at a crowd of people in the street. The next minute a bomb explodes in the middle of the group, killing twenty-two people. The next day, he goes to spot where the bomb had gone off, and starts to play the Adagio. He will do this everyday for the next twenty-two days. Another inhabitant is a woman who uses the name Arrow to hide her true identity. She is a sniper but she is on the side of the town. She is hiding in a building preparing to kill some soldiers she can see on a nearby hill. She shoots one of them but realises that the men know where she is hiding. She quickly escapes as shells begin hitting the building. Kenan also lives in Sarajevo. He and his family have run out of water. This means he will have to undertake the difficult and dangerous task of going to collect water from a brewery in another part of the city. He sets off with several empty plastic bottles to cross the town. Meanwhile, another inhabitant, Dragan, reminisces about the good old times before the war. He also has to cross the city to get food from a bakery. Chapter 2: On his way to collect water, Kenan walks through destroyed neighbourhoods and remembers his life before the war. He notices that some people seem unaffected by the war, seeing that they are fat and drive expensive cars. Many people believe there is a tunnel to the outside world, and

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