The Cell Live Essay

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In a world far too small to be seen by the human eye call “Germ Cell”. Once home to me Phineas Chrome and my brother Ferb Chrome ,an event so exciting took place. It all started when Me and Ferb had nothing better to do on a summer day so I said “ ,I know what were going to do today ,were going to go through meiosis!” Before we started we traded something important to each to remember each other by, since we were told we would be separated from each other later in the process. First we went through Prophase 1. It all started with the nuclear membrane breaking down. Outside of the nucleus were 2 centrosome moving to opposite side of the cell producing spindle fibers. Crossing over starts to occur. Later we are put on the spindle fibers in the metaphase. My brother and I were align with 2 other homologous chromosomes. We chatted some with the other chromosome before we got ready for the next stage. The name of the other chromosomes were Isabella and Grelehen. We had fun talking but before you know it was time for phase 3. It was anaphase 1 which was also the hardest part. My brother and I had to said our last good byes, as we were slowly been separated by the spindle fibers. I sure was going to miss, but there was no turning back now. As I notice I was been pulled towards the centromes Isabella was too. Then we entered telophase 1. Here Isabella and I were in closed in a new nuclear membrane. The cell started to divide causing a cleavage forrow. Then later became two separate cell “cytokinesis”. This was the end of meiosis 1. As we start meiosis 2 the start in Prophase 2 the nuclear membrane breaks down again. The spindle fibers are form. The we enter metaphase 2 where we are align between the spindle fibers once again. But this time instead of Isaballa and I been separated in Anaphase 2 we are split into chromatids.As one side of me is pull towards the
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