The Cay Summary

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Summary of "The Cay" "The Cay" is set on a Caribbean island of Curacao during the time of World War II. It starts from the year 1942. Germans are stalking the island and are making the oil refineries and tankers their target. The characters in this story are Phillip who is a young school, Philips father who works for one of the oil refineries and is the reason they moved to the island, Philips mother who want to move back to Virginia, a West Indian man who's name is Timothy, a cat named Stew Cat and Henrik Van Boven, Phillip's school friend. Philips father works for the oil refineries and moved Philip and his mother to the island of Curacao. Phillips mother does not want to stay on the island and makes arrangements for her and Phillip to leave when the Germans submarines blow up the S.S. Empire Tern, a big British tanker. Phillip wants to stay with his dad, but his mom books a passage for him to sail with her on a ship called the S.S. Hato. When they set sail the Hato is torpedoed by the Germans. Phillip is knocked out during the evacuation of the ship and wakes up on a raft with a black West Indian man that has a very thick accent. The mans name is Timothy and there is also a cat on the raft, Stew Cat. At first Timothy and Phillip do not get along, but Phillip builds a shelter for the two (and the cat) on the raft. Timothy makes sure to ration the water and that makes Phillip get upset. (one reason they don't get along) Phillip loses his sight because of his injury from the torpedo blast. He goes completely blind. The three of them (includes the cat) drift at sea but finally come upon a small cay. (island) Timothy takes them to the island but Phillip wants to stay at sea because he thinks they would have a better chance at getting rescued. While on the island Timothy builds a hut and catches langosta, which is lobster for them to eat. Timothy tells
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