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Since we were born we had a sense of curiosity at all levels because the entire world was new to us and we did not know right form wrong. But was we grew up, we started to get the idea that life was much simpler that we thought it was. Therefore, we became accustomed to not question life and see it like our superiors saw it. This gave us a sense of security and we felt like following their beliefs was way easier to follow instead of creating our own. What we don’t know is that we perceive mere images of the truth, Natural Philosophers know the real meaning of the "shadows" we believe in and they demonstrate the truth to society. To know the real meaning of life requires people to stop being ignorant, thus be more open mined and unconfomist. The world we live in is a cave, according to Plato, where we are isolated from the rest of the world. The quote "See human beings as though they were in an underground cave like dwelling with its entrance, a long one, open to light across the whole width of the cave" explains a symbol; the cave where humans are in symbolizes that humans have don’t have an open mind and their mind is trapped in a "cave". They just look at one way and they don’t turn around to see if there is something more around them or outside of the "cave" which shows how ignorant they are. What humans need to do is get out of their cave and open their mind to other ideas and beliefs, that way they can have a sense of ownership in their lives. The quote “In the first place, do you suppose such men would have seen anything of themselves and one another other than the shadows cast by the fire on the side of the cave facing them?" is a Synecdoche representing that the shadows are not just used as their simple meaning as the mere dark reflection against something, but by the secrets and the things that human kind has yet to discover. Things, that the human

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