The Cave Essay

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“Yeah, sure mum it’s great. Can we go now?” Callum said sarcastically looking bored. My mum gazed at him with a disappointed expression on her face then turned to look at me. I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. “Oh come on you two, you could at least pretend interest”, she said as she moved towards the cave’s entrance. Embarrass “You used to love coming here as kids remember. We’d don the pirate costumes & have a pirate’s picnic then search for buried treasure with your dad,” she said her face somewhat pensive as it always got when she spoke about dad. “That was like a million years ago,” said Callum who had now taken to throwing rocks in a nearby rock pool. “We’re not kids anymore, mum, and dads been dead for nearly 5 years,” he said as he threw a particularly large rock into the inky coloured water. Mum’s face turned stony. “Don’t you dare speak about your father that way, don’t be so disrespectful”, she uttered in a frightening tone. “If you’re so mature and grown up”, she said “then you’ll be doing all your own washing, ironing & cooking from now on, won’t you?” “Yeah, course i will mum”, said Callum sounding amused “Here we go again” i said to myself, as i sat down on a boulder and amused myself with my Poi whilst i waited for the usual squabbling to commence, but to my surprise it didn’t. “Polly are you coming inside”, said mum in a fake cheerful voice who had chosen to ignore Callum completely. “Sure mum,” i said (not sure at all) as i wrapped my woollen coat tightly around myself in a bid to keep the cold out. “You stay where you are, we’ll be back in minute”, mum said sternly to Callum. “Yeah whatever”, replied Callum to the back of mums head. Hand in hand mum & i strode into the smugglers cave, our torches pointed directly ahead. She led me down the familiar route of the cave pointing out this and that and of things that reminded

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