The Causes People Changes Jobs Essay

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What does change mean? It means to make different. A change that nowadays people have recently undergone is getting new jobs. If we are compare the labor flexibility of the current generation and 20 years ago. We can see marked differences. Today, people tend to change jobs several within a short period of time in the past. In fact, in some areas they move to another company within a year. Several possible causes for such a decision are rapid change of technology, First, the cause people decide to change their jobs is the rapidly changing technology. Industry has those who prefer to work in the latest version of the software. For example, a clinical center and Leon Medical Center have the medical history of their patients fully computerized, no longer use paper folders. Therefore, technological progress plays a key role in the employees of the temptation to change its current line of work. Another cause is a human behave that tempts workers to seek something different instead of just one job all his life. Many employees get so bored of their current job; he does not mind changing jobs. For example, there are accountants and IT specialists who are tired of the daily routine of work and sit for about 8 hours, that's when they try to prove work more moved, as vendors or bartenders. Therefore, people move to different profiles to bring a change in your routine lifestyle. Third cause of changing jobs is money. Peoples were going through a rough time with bills that had to pay such as car repairs, phone bills, and entertainment. That salary just does not cut it unless the store is always busy. Therefore people change their jobs, hope to get higher salary, to cover their expenses. To conclude, the modern way of life, when people tend to change often their jobs and places is causing rapid change of technology, human behave and money. So if people change jobs will be

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