The Causes of Teen Rebellion Essay

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Ryan Godin Professor Dixon ENG1520 March 26, 2014 How Society, and Poor Parenting Is Corrupting Today’s Youth Two common types of rebellion are against socially fitting in; rebellion of non-conformity, and against adult authority; rebellion of non-compliance. In both types, rebellion attracts adult attention by offending it. Rebellion can cause young people to rebel against their own self-interests by rejecting childhood interests, activities, and relationships that often support self-esteem. It can cause them to engage in self-defeating and self-destructive behavior such as refusing to do school work or even physically hurting themselves. Today’s generation’s rebellion is focused mainly with disobeying their parent’s orders, having underage sex, and the use of drugs and alcohol. Today’s generation is more openly exposed to these things than any of the generations in the past. This exposure is resulting in a steep rise of rebellion, and premature participation of activities such as being sexually active at a young age, underage consumption of alcohol, excessive marijuana/drug use, and many other self-destructive things. The rising use, and desensitization of sex, drugs, and alcohol in today’s youth foreshadows a possibly worse outcome in the generations to come. With an ongoing problem as severe as this one, it is easy to point fingers. Many different factors are thought to be the cause behind this popular trend of youth rebellion, but some stand out and are more influential than any, and if we wish to stop this rebellious teenage craze then we first need to look at the main roots of the problem. The three main causes of today’s youth rebellion are poor parenting, exposure from a child’s peers in school, and the glorification of sex, drugs, and alcohol in today’s music, movies, and television. Although parents may think they are protecting their children

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