The Causes Of Lennie'S Death

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The Causes of Lennie’s Death In John Steinbeck’s award winning novel Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck writes about the story of two men who shares a life together. George Milton and Lennie Small had been travelling together ever since Lennie’s Aunt Clara died, George promising her that he would look after Lennie. The two would always keep an eye on each other’s back but due to Lennie’s mental disability he causes trouble after trouble for George. However, in the end the story comes to a sorrowful ending where Lennie was shot and killed by George himself. Through Steinbeck’s literary techniques he explains the causes of Lennie’s death through the theme, characterization and foreshadowing. Although Steinbeck was able to leave his readers with many thoughts to think about from the story, one of the themes that clearly show the cause of Lennie’s death is sacrificing. Even though by killing Lennie, George lifts a heavy burden off his chest for he no longer has to take care of Lennie and deal with all the troubles Lennie keep on making for him. However, George has to sacrifice his friendship and love because by shooting Lennie he loses a friend whom had always been keeping him company and shares a dream with him, to have their own farm where they would share and live together. Other than that, it was not easy for George to shoot Lennie but he had to do it because if he didn’t he knew that Curley would and in a more painful way. Therefore George had to make the sacrifice and be the one who shoots Lennie himself so that Lennie wouldn’t have to suffer. Without Lennie, George also faces other problems on his own such as loneliness with no one to care for and no one to care for himself. Steinbeck’s characterization plays an important role in showing how Lennie himself brought him to his own death. On page 2 of the novel, Steinbeck gives a description of Lennie: “Behind
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