The Causes of Global Warming Essay

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Global warming has been a part of the earth since the dawn of the dinosaurs. The earth and its ecosystem need global warming to regulate normally. Global warming has not been an issue to much more recently, within the 2011 and 2012 calendar years the earth set record breaking temperatures that has lead us into the longest drought in history. Global warming is one of the most severe environmental problems in existence today, many of the attributions are the greenhouse gases, deforestation and population growth which then lead to other problems such as climate change, the rise of greenhouse gases and the rise of more fossil fuels being used. The best solution to a problem is to prevent the cause of the situation. Greenhouse gases are one of the most common terms associated with global warming; these gases are naturally produced by our earth. They can be anything from carbon dioxide to methane. In the past century these gases have more than doubled and some like methane have tripled and humans are who are producing so much greenhouse gases with their gasoline guzzling vehicles and by building more companies that produce gases and just release them into the air or water supply. If you have ever been to a city like Los Angeles, California during the lunch hour rush you would be able to see the “smog” in the air. Smog is what greenhouse gases looked like combined. Greenhouse gases cause many unnatural events one being the climate change all over the world. The most noticeable especially to the southern of the United States is the rise of temperature. During the month of July 2012 everyday 25,000 cities were reporting record breaking temperatures. This type of heat is unbearable for any type of human activity in southern regions. Many deaths to the elderly were in result of this type of climate change. The earth has also seen larger than normal hurricanes and natural

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