The Causes of Divorce Essay

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The Causes of Divorce All people want to love and be loved. We can see many couples love each other and want to be married couples. Some marriages last and some result in divorce. In the past, divorce is quite rare. Today, however, the majority of marriages breaks up in the first few years and it has become common recently. In this essay, I will focus on three main significant reassons of divorce : unwillingness to talk each other, early marriage and finanial problems. First of all, unwillingness to talk each other is the main cause of divorce. Communication makes marriage grow stronger and stronger because the more time couples spend talking and listening to each other, the more they tend to know and understand each other. However, many couples don’t express their feelings or opinions to their spouses. That means they aren’t ready to talk about problems exist between them which can cause big conflicts. For example, the problem of looking after the children may lead to an argument which can be a huge problem if the spouses are unwilling to express how they feel and what they want through communication. Consequently keeping disagreement untold in marriage can cause damage to the relationship between husband and wife which can lead to divorce easily. Another cause of marriages ending in a divorce is early marriage. Nowaday, early marriages have been a trend among the youth who lack of preparation for a lifelong marriage. Young people won’t have known not only the real life of coping with marriage phase but also the challenging of its journey. Furthermore, each partner is developing his or her own identity and going in a different direction. Often they can't keep the original relationship together. Thus, there are many unavable problems thay they cannot predict and they are inexperienced to solve these problems. In addition, the youth are

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