The Causes and the Stakes of the War of Independence Essay

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The heart of the matter was far from being resolved. Actually, the colonists considered those measures as an attempt from the King to gain power over the colonies while the previous kings had delegated their power to charter companies so that they found companies in the New-World. Franklin helped the colonial cause by saying that the colonies were not opposed to all the taxes but the British replied by saying that repeal amounted to “giving up the legislature of the kingdom which will put us in the position of being dictated to by the Americans. Those statements revealed that the opinion verged on the extreme. The 1766 Declaratory Act stipulated that the British parliament had every right of legislation over the thirteen colonies whatever the circumstance and a new period of agitation began in 1767 with the passing of the Townshend Acts whereby parliament imposed new custom duties that were levied on certain British manufactures and on tea when those goods entered the colonies.. In his Farmer's letters (1767-68), John Dickinson denounced the act as unconstitutional and in 1768 Samuel Adams called for a united nation on the part of the colonial state assemblies with independence as the long-term political goal. The agitation that followed was marked by less violence than in the period of the Stamp Act except in Boston where a clash between patriots and British soldiers resulted in what was known as the Boston massacre in March 1770. One month later, the British ministry headed by Lord North concluded that colonial duties on British manufactures were preposterous and repealed all the Townshend Acts except on tea and by the end 1770 there was apparently a complete reconciliation between England and the colonies except in Boston. Another underlying problem in the colonies has to be mentioned, the western problem. Apart from the power struggles between the colonial

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