The Cause of College Student Stress Essay

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The cause of college student stress Stress had become the most popular pressure in the society. Due to human desire students are looking better quality of life and more materialistic. Students unintentionally fall in stress pattern. Base on high expectation, most of the college students today are facing three major stresses from family, academic and environment. One the most important stress of college students are the high expectation from parents and themselves. Nowadays there are a lot of middle-class families have higher education themselves therefore they will expected their children have better education and ability when compare to them. They also want their children exceeded their expectation. Stress also can come from students themselves in demands of study. Some of the students require a high score in each subject to aim first honor degree graduate. To become " the best of the best " in all the top graduate students to increase families image. The senior members of the family like to compare the education level among the young. Those who did not meet their expected level will be insulted and not respected. The other stress that college students faced are academic issue. For example, the workload of college such as assignment, quiz, project and presentation are significantly more than high school and the lecturer require more knowledge and information from the students. Introducing new subject by the college that students who was never touch before. Most students are totally not familiar with the subjects. They need more time to challenge and adapt the new subject. It's definitely cause stress and anxiety. Enter a new subject students will wander are they in the right major in choosing the right subject. This make students worry and put on stress in there academic are they suitable in this field that will effect students

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