The Catholic Religion Essay

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The Roman Catholic Religion * Eric J. Hernandez HUM/130 March 17, 2011 * The Roman Catholic Religion As a child, I remember going to Mass every Sunday like clockwork. For the first nine years of my life we followed the Catholic religion, at least that was the way it seemed to me. Seeing my parents standing in line and waiting to receive the body and blood of Christ, listening to the sermon and signing my brothers and I up for communion classes, doing all the things Catholics do in order to make sure they stay within the track the lord wants us on. Sometime around my tenth birth we made the change as a family to become protestant, and until today we are Protestants. In recent years, I asked my mother why we made the change from one religion to another and she told me the reason why was that at some point her and my father stopped believing in some of the rituals that the Catholic Church practice. I agreed with her and with all the reasons she and my father had and why they decided to make the switch, but today I honestly don’t believe on the traditions and rituals that Catholics observe but I find they are interesting and very intriguing. However, while the Catholic doctrine and traditions are very structured, why are there so many inconsistencies? And why is the Roman Catholic Church often in the news? I visited the local Roman Catholic Church in Tracy, California; St. Bernard’s Catholic Church. It is a beautiful facility, from the outside; the building looks like an old Spaniard building almost like the same type of design on all California missions. On the inside the church carries the same type of motive as the outside. On the altar it has the usual cross with Jesus Christ on it just like in any other Catholic Church. Their mass schedule is the same as any other Catholic Church. The priest wore a very elaborate robe, and he seemed to be fluent in

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