The Catcher in The Rye (not good at all)-lol

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Language A- The Catcher in The Rye Even though Holden Caulfield refers to other people, mainly adults, as phonies, he himself is a phony. Holden often thinks of adults as phonies. However, he himself is a phony; Holden often talks about how good he is at lying. Holden create a whole conversation created from lies, when he was talking to Mrs. Morrow on the train one night. Holden often thinks of adults as phonies, due to how they act and what they wear. Holden often wears his red hunting hat when he is traveling around by himself, due to the comfort of the hat. This makes him feel as if he is not a phony. However, if Holden is scheduled to meet someone that he knows, he never wears his hunting hat to give a good impression. With Holden’s own definition of “phony”, this act with the red hunting hat classifies as phoniness. Lying is considered as an act of phoniness by Holden; however, he himself often refers to himself as a great liar. Holden often lies about his age to get into bars and drink alcoholic drinks. Holden has also lied about his age to a whore that his friend once talked about for company. He often can pull it off due to his height. While Holden sees liars as phonies, he never refers to himself as one. On his way to the city one night, Holden meets one of his classmate’s mothers, Mrs. Morrow. Holden then makes a conversation with Mrs. Morrow, however, in this conversation, Holden lies about practically everything he talks about with Mrs. Morrow, but still he remains to think of himself as not a phony. Even with the lies he tells. Even though Holden often refers to other people as “phonies”, Holden himself is a phony. By the way he acts, he will classify as a phony by often lying to other people to help give out a good image of himself. Holden’s hunting hat is also proof that he is classified as a
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