The Catcher in the Rye: Holden on the Change

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Holden on the Change. As a natural process, all human being go through life experiences as a part of the life cycle. In the novel J. D. Salinger CATCHER IN THE RYE, through his experiences Holden Caulfield faces many changes with regards to his relations, how he communicates with others and by the end of the novel he, mature as a person. Relationships and sexuality are big recurring pattern in the novel. Holden is always searching for a new friend but he always turns away at the last moment. When Holden interacts with women in the novel, he is very different when he interacts with men. The female characters all are very important because they present and symbolize many different things. In addition, Holden is very nice to younger females but to older females he gets sexually attracted. When this happens he will do anything to get women`s attention, which leads to him being an extremely disrespectful and impolite teenager who is also very immature. “I started giving the three witches at the next table the eye again”(Salinger 70”). In short, Holden tries to be nice to people of the opposite sex and wants to create friendships, but his immaturity makes him think of women as objects and his disrespect towards others will not help him get through his life. Holden`s communication idealism is first brought forth when he describes his life at Pencey Prep High School. He thinks it is full of phonies, morons and bastards. His roommate, Stardlater, “was at least a pretty friendly guy, it was partly a phony kind of friendly..” (Salinger 26). Also his roommate, Ackley is “very nosy bastard” (Salinger 33). Holden can not stand to be around either one of them for a long time. On the other hand, he has little sister Phoebe, she is the one with whom Holden communicates very openly with. In general, Holden is surrounded by these types of people no matter

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