The Case of the Fallen Boy

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CASE STUDY 1 (The Case Of The Fallen Boy) Shivangi Singh 1. Is there any evidence to suggest which hemisphere of Tim’s brain suffered damage during his stroke? The extract mentions that the right side of Tim’s body was paralyzed and he was having great difficulty trying to talk. From the book we have learned that the left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body so Tim’s left hemisphere was compromised with during the stoke 2. What imaging technology would best reveal the location and extent of damage to Tim’s brain produced by his stroke, and why? To keep it simple instead of using the newest Trans cranial Magnetic Stimulation in which we have to expose a part of the brain to a magnetic field we could use the fMRI (functional Magnetic Resource Imaging)which scans and provides a detailed 3D computer generated image of the brain structure and activity. By aiming a powerful magnetic field at the body it makes it possible to produce vivid, detailed images of the functioning of the brain. 3. If physicians did not have any means of viewing the damage to Tim’s brain directly, what other clues might they have to the location of the damage? Where might the damage be if Tim had lost his vision after the stroke? Where might it be if he lost sensation on the left side of his body? Where might it be if his personality suddenly changed? If the physicians did not have any means of viewing the damage done to Tim’s brain directly, they could use their basic findings of Lateralization of the brain that is the dominance of one hemisphere of the brain in specific functions to locate the affected areas. So conclusively if Tim had lost vision after the stroke his sensory area specifically the visual area in the occipital region was damaged. Similarly if he had lost sensation his somatosensory area in the parietal lobe was damaged in the right

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