The Carnival History

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A Carnival History One of the happiest periods of the year for Brazilian people is the Carnival. Carnival is a big celebration of joy and happiness that happens all over the world, but is especially stronger in Brazil. A huge feature of Brazilian southeastern region during the Carnival is the Samba schools contest. Samba schools are institutions that work mainly for do a big parade in Carnival, but they also have activities during the entire year, serving the local community where their headquarters is established. I am a big fan of Brazilian Carnival and samba schools, and my highest moment was when I went to the parade with my favorite samba school. It happened in 2008; since the end of 2007 my friends and I were preparing us to the parade. From that time everything matter. Since the preparations practices in the school court, until the parade day, we were just thinking, and preparing ourselves to that day. Samba school is a popular club or dancing school in huge square-compounds – “quadras de samba” - devoted to practicing and exhibiting samba, a Brazilian dance. The schools are traditionally associated with a particular neighborhood, often shanty towns, or a town. Throughout the year the samba-schools have various happenings and events, and most importantly rehearsals for the main event which is the yearly samba-parade. The main two cities that have the main samba schools are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. I am from Sao Paulo, Which is one of the biggest cities in the entire world, and my history on samba schools began when a friend of mine invited me to go watch him play in one samba school rehearsals. The name of the school is Aguia de Ouro, that means golden eagle, and when I saw the first rehearsal, it was love at the first sight. The battery (That is the band composed by almost three hundred musicians), the people that went there, and the happiness that

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