The Carlson Project

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Dakorion Desamme BUS 484 Project Management Dr. Eisenmenger Case Analysis The Carlson Project One main purpose of the project manager in this case is to resolve conflicts and coordinate efforts among all projects according to McGee (manager of project managers). Frank (another line manager) and McGee are both have problems with the employees within the company as they try to precede the Carlson project. Frank has a problem with an employee name Royce Williams as he has a high rank pay and has fifteen years of experience. Frank encountered that Royce needs to be working over-time hours to help out the other employees to get the Carlson project done as he had deadlines for. Royce would not work over forty hours because he would be working for free due to his pay grade. Frank thought it wasn’t fair for another employee to work seventy hours to get the job done and Royce isn’t contributing the full effort of collaborating for the Carlson project. Frank wants something done to help out that situation. McGee states that Royce is too good of an employee as he has fifteen years of experience to not let him go from his position. McGee considered Frank to be patient with Royce because by Frank feeling that way towards Royce might affect him with working with future employees that are working on a future project as they volunteer to do. So those are the problems that are happening within the company pursuing the Carlson’s project. My questions and concerns are: 1. how should Frank handle Royce as he needs his services to meet his deadlines for the Carlson project? 2. Why doesn’t McGee try to finalize the problem by taking actions upon Franks request instead of leaving it all to Frank as he says it’s his responsibility? 3. Why doesn’t McGee require all employees to do the same amount of work to better the project methodology as they try to complete the project

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