Asmawil's Killing Gadji Analysis

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Was Asmawil's killing Tadji just? What does it say about Humanity as a whole? And was his resolve on returning home rational considering the risks? and If you were Asmawil, what would you have done differently having the same conditions? Slaying a man, even someone wicked, is immoral and therefore unjust. Yes, Asmawil killed Tadji because he had a hunch that he will soon die, too, in Tadji’s hands. His choice was of a human nature, it was a matter of self-preservation, better to kill than to be killed. But the moment Asmawil struck a knife in Tadji’s throat was the moment he sealed his fate of death, for he is no longer blameless, and there are consequences, which he did not have time to consider, that he and his family will have to face. Taking a human life is against the Law of Man and the Law of God, despite the fact that Tadji, whom Asmawil considered is crazy, may or may not have had thoughts of killing him. Still, he should have thought of other ways, plans that could be more favorable for him and his family in the long run, and not that of temporary safety, bearing in mind the austerity of their culture when it comes to vengeance.…show more content…
However, this survival instinct vitiates humanity itself. For when one strives to compete for survival, one neglects, more often than not, the existence of other people and thinks only of
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