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An atheist buys a car Written by: Ian meadows and, Christopher Bosak Man 1: I’m I here to see the used car you have on sale in the paper it says here anyone man, woman of any race can buy this car I was wondering if, I could take a look at it ? Man 2: of course you can ……..have a set Man 1: I’m sorry I don’t have all day if you could please just show me the car that be great Man2: what are you saying you don’t believe I have the car? Man 1: what no… I just want to take it for a test drive before I Man 2: slams down book about the used car Man1: what’s all this? Man2: that’s historical evidence that proves the car exists Man 1: tax forms, warranty info, maintenance checks, ya there’s serenely a lot of information about the car here Man 2: that will be $1500 please Man 1: WHAT I DIDN’T AGREE TO THAT I HAVENT EVEN SEEN THE CAR! MAN2: have a little faith that the car is real, it’s my car I have a close personal relationship with that car I know everything about that car , I live like 7 mils from here if I didn’t own the car in that add then how did I get her ? Explain that. Man 1: well you could have walked, rod a bike, taken the bus, or even driven a different car Man 2: ridicules you actually believe that! Obviously the only way I could have got here is by that car Man 1: unbelievable just show me the car already I’m not going to give you any money if I can’t see this car for myself Man 3 walks in from another room because of the noise Man 3: I’m going to have to ask you to calm down you’re making a seen, what’s going on here? Man 2: it’s just this guy wants to see the used car for sale Man 3: oh the ford, amazing car you’re going to love it Man 2: what are you talking about it’s a Honda! Man 3: are you kidding me I used to own that car, I know how it handles I know how it sounds , I have a close personal relationship with that car Man

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