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The Canterbury Tales The Canterbury Tales is a well-developed poem by Geoffrey Chaucer. The point of Chaucer writing The Canterbury Tales was to give a detailed view of English society in the Middle Ages and the appearance of Chaucer’s characters often reveal personality of the people of his day. Two characters from this story that display the thought that appearance does reveal personality are the Reeve and the Friar. The Reeve is a choleric, old man who was honest and hardworking; while the Friar is very festive man that was deceiving but also hardworking. The Reeve and the Friar are clearly two different men with different features, wardrobe, and items. Chaucer reveals that the Reeve was an old unfriendly man in line 623 saying that the Reeve was “feared like the plague he was, by those beneath.” When looking at him you could see his long overcoat with a “bluish shade”(635) on his body and on his thin legs “no calf was to be seen.”(610) Showing that it was important for the Reeve to have power and to be feared, a rusty blade could be found attached around his waist over his overcoat in the clear sight for the public. Looking at his angry face his beard is noticeable shaven closely to his skin, his hair stopped right above his ears and was cut short on top, he was a well groomed man who cared for his neat appearance. Chaucer’s Friar, on the other hand, is sanguine. In line 239, Chaucer says that the Friar had a “gay and sturdy voice” when he spoke his “gallant phrases.”(215) His strong neck could be compared to white lily flower, even whiter. During this time period, it was common for the nobility to show a lighter tone because they were not working in the fields or conducting in such hard labor. The way in which the Reeve and Friar conduct themselves reflect their moral character. The Reeve a very strong minded, self-assertive man he did not need anything

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