The Call of the Wild Essay

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The Call of the Wild Jack London’s The Call of the Wild, symbolizes the peak of world literature. The story is situated in the Alaska Yukon during the 1903 Gold rush. A dog called Buck, a cross between a Scotch shepherd and a St Bernard. Buck lives a very comfortable life with his owner Judge Miller and his family. He sleeps indoors and has a cozy place in the Judge’s feet. One day Buck is forced to begin a new chapter in his life, when Judge Miller’s gardener, in need of cash to pay off a gambling debt, sells him to be a sled dog. Buck is placed in a cart and mistreated along the way. At one point of the trip Buck is beaten with a baseball bat and his will to fight people is broken. Buck starts to question his future. He is put in the same pack with many different kinds of dogs. In the past he has known other dogs, but he has never had to fight and show dominance before. Buck is then introduced to a pack of sled dogs and he has to survive the harsh natural elements of Alaska while learning to be a sled dog. He learns to sleep in the snow and steal food to survive. In addition to this, Buck learns to navigate his way in the pack of dogs and eventually becomes its leader. He and his pack are sold onwards, because they became tired and new dogs were acquired to take their place on the post trail. Three greedy people, become their new owners. Charles, Hal and Mercedes are new to the trail and do not know what an how to go about handling sled dogs let alone how to move about in the Alaskan nature. As spring and the melting of the trail between Salt Water and Dawson becomes a reality, the threesome is advised to stop their journey. The recommendation of the public however, goes to no avail. The threesome is hungry to find gold and they force the dogs to work with not enough rest, whipping and hitting them when they slow down. They are poor at rationing the food

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