The California Garden

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Essay 1 We as a species have defined ourselves by three main areas needed for survival. The main areas required for life are food, housing, and clothing. Through the American industrial revolution ages Americans have evolved into specialization and became less dependant of growing our own individual food. We now outsource this task to farmers and agriculturalists in far off lands. The definition of a garden takes many shapes, sizes, and forms. These forms manifest in gardens such as the tea garden, beer garden, and Zen garden. Although the descriptor indicates these areas are gardens, they also challenge the convention and notion of floral in gardens. Various garden designs through civilization have explored the ideas of containing outdoor floral and botanicals within an enclosed space. For example, in ancient Greece a garden was an enclosure located inside an architectural building. Located in the garden were floral designs and plants of botanical nature. We garden to provide an experience of nature within the luxury confines of accessibility. Rather than going to the forest or traveling to far lands, we create gardens to have a space emblematic of nature. The contextual nature of the modern term garden developed and transformed through the ages of civilization. A garden imposes order and aesthetic purpose for the gardener and thus gardens are constantly changed by culture. In German, "Biergarten" is an open air space designed for the enjoyment of social activities in captivity of nature. Beer Gardens in American colloquial terms is a translation from the German language of "Biergarten." They originated in 19th century into German society in response to the formation of government regulations. Humans flock to the meeting space of nature's tranquility and intoxication to satiate their souls with the fabrication of natures' elements. Beer gardens

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