The Bullshit That Is Called Alcoholics Anonymous Essay

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ALCOHOLISM/ADDICTION DISEASE OR BEHAVIOR? IDENTIFICATION/REASON FOR REFERRAL: George Sanders. Employment referral. Client has taken all vacation and sick days and continues to miss work on a weekly basis. When client is present he manages to get half a day’s work completed. 2 & a half-3 hour lunch breaks. Client is unproductive for the rest of the afternoon. Often late. Client’s place of business has addiction screening but no internal program. MENTAL HEALTH/ADDICTION HISTORY: 39 years of age, Caucasian, single male with a B.A. from Penn State which he barely received due to the party atmosphere on campus. Upper-middle class, Father an M.D., Mother a Ph.D. 2 brothers, a sister all successful. Was let go from two previous places of employment, the former for an accusation of sexual harassment (not proven) and the latter for too many sick days. Client denies previous counseling, one termination involved attorney action. Client denies AA/NA involvement though was mandated by place of employment in his last position (reason for termination). Client admits to drinking for 20+ years and cocaine involvement. Was once prescribed valium but discontinued use due to the side effects (drowsiness). Currently is prescribed Halcion for sleep. Client was Johnson & Johnson sales person three years in a row in the beginning of a lucrative career. A once highly self-motivated salesman, bonuses came easily to client for the first 12 years of George’s career. Client was already considered a success with 2 residence country/city, Mercedes and a sports car, a closet of bespoke suits, made to measure shirts. An overinflated ego and surplus money = “coke & whores”. After 3 or 4 years of this reality client began to notice he had been passed over for promotions though his sales numbers were outstanding. Client has a need to feel superior (overinflated ego). A person’s need

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