The Bullies Essay

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The Bullies Bullying is a serious issue and I’ve often wondered what causes a person to want to bully others. It is universal, affecting every age group, ethnicity, and workplace, and the emotional damage can last, I believe, forever. Bullies were once thought of as misfit people with low self-esteem who prey upon mentally challenged and/or less fortunate individuals. Researchers are now finding out these kids often have developed good social/leadership skills and have no problems making friends there for, having a large webbing of friends. People who live in the environment with domestic violence have more than likely to inflict violence or injury to others. Bullies that come from families with moody parents who show bad temper, anger, and aggressiveness, and scold their children strongly may also make their children become the same as they are, and all of these can affect children’s behavior in turn, they will often use force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively impose domination over others in order to make themselves feel inferior to others. Bullies thrive from the attention and believe taunting, teasing, and tormenting their victims will make them popular and/or superior to others having the desire to be dominant and in control over and enjoy the fact that their victim fears them. It is believed that parents of bullies monitor their children little if any. Bullying can come in many different forms. Bullying someone using social media, email, phone, texting, or videos is called cyberbullying. Another form of bullying can be spreading false stories about a person in order to humiliate him/her or excluding them from group activities. There is also physically hitting, kicking, sticking a foot or an object in front of them causing them to trip and fall to draw attention, or making improper sexual comments, teasing or calling someone names.

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