The Buffalo Soldiers

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Carlos Pallais US History period: 4 Date:3/30/2012 The Buffalo Soldiers The Freedom to fight: By 1864 Abraham Lincoln, who had first thought that providing arms to black men would only result in them surrendering them to their former masters, had concluded that black soldiers "have demonstrated in their blood the right to the ballot." In the years following Lincoln's assassination, black men gained, then quickly lost, the ballot, but they did win a permanent right to serve in the U.S. Army. Many African American proudly served in their country's limitary long before receiving the full benefits of citizenship in the United states. This young soldiers was one of 180,000 black soldiers who helped the Union…show more content…
However, Hatch's men were disorganized, rowdy, and unprepared for the move. One company threatened to desert on its way to San Antonio . Tensions, fueled by racism and frustration, flared between the citizens of San Antonio and the soldiers who were protecting them. The troops clashed with the police, and in a mutiny attempt on April 9, an officer and two troopers were shot. This time, when Hatch asked the War Department for better officer, he got them quickly and conditions improved. In May, Hatch was ordered to move the 9th cavalry west to Fort Stockton and For Davis in Texas to guard hundreds of miles of wild frontier. In August, Grierson was told to move the 10th cavalry from Fort Riley, Kansas, where conditions and relations with the commanding officer were much improved. Once he reached Fort Riley, Grierson was joined by Lieutenant Samuel Woodward, a friend from Civil War. For 20 years, "Sandy" Woodward led the 10th Calvary under Grierson's command. So brave and courageous were these men that their legendary Indian foes called them Buffalo Soldiers. Their commanding officer. Colonel Ben Benjamin H. Grierson, said "the name was given because the Indians respected a brave and Powerful adversary. Which relates directly to their much-revered Buffalo." In looking at the events, it is easy to see why the Buffalo soldiers were given their name. They had to have been fearless fighters due to the simple fact that they killing machines in battle. They were the only people who were brave enough to go into the west and defend the same people who years earlier had enslaved them. This shows us the determination that they possessed inside of them therefore allowing them to personal fears behind them and fight to make a name and a life for themselves. The buffalo soldiers were not in these wars to protect their nation, they were in these wars to
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