The Bucket Rider Essay

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Assignment 4 I believe that cell phones are necessary in teen’s lives for the following three reasons. Firstly, they are a good social way to keep in contact with friends and family. Secondly, they are a fast and easiest way to contact someone in case of an emergency. Thirdly, cell phones are an easy way to access the internet which teenagers can use to do school work or entertain them self. One of the reasons is if there is an emergency at home it is easy to get in contact with their kids. Another reason is sometime when teenagers are walking home alone and they feel as if they were being followed they sometimes pretend to act as if they were on talking to someone or call the. Police lastly, sometimes teenagers leave their school work at home they can easily text or call their parents and get them to bring their project to them. Therefore, for those reasons I believe cell phones are necessary in teen’s lives. Lastly, I believe that cell phone are an easy way to access internet and are entertainment for teens. One of the reasons is that cell phones have easy access to social networking sites. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be used very accessible anywhere you go. Another reason is most phones have an application world, which allows them to pick from thousands of different applications to customize their phone. Lastly, with Wi-Fi you can use the internet to go on

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