The Bucket Rider Essay

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In modern society, when people are isolated, they suffer. Isolation can be present in many forms. People from different backgrounds can suffer unique isolation and can suffer different outcomes due to the loneliness that it involves. In “Mazes” by Ursula K. Le Guin and “Was it a Dream?” by Guy de Maupassant depicts the protagonist’s going through isolation physically, metaphorically, and psychologically. First, “Mazes” by Ursula k. Le Guin depicts physical isolation through the environment, food, and separation. “and this place around the prison is disorienting, the strange, smooth, curved wall – ceiling is of alien substance and its lines are meaningless to me.” (Le Guin, 145). Moreover, this quote explains the psyche of the protagonist. The loss of communication between the protagonist and the scientist generates angst. The protagonist’s emotional attachments to others, allows him to feel safe and secure. . “But instead they gave plenty of food, mountains of food, [and] all the greenbud leaves I could possibly want. Only they were not fresh. They had been picked; they were dead.” (Le Guin, 144). His rejection of food symbolizes his need for others. Despite knowing that no one will communicate with him, he shuns food to fill the void of isolation. “The alien has never once attempted to talk to me. It has been with me, watched me, touched me, [and] handled me for days; but all its motion have been purposeful, not communicative.” (Le Guin, 146). While being tested for intelligence, the alien was separated and violated. The barrier between both parties resulted in confusion and isolation. The language barrier physically isolated the protagonist because he was treated as an object. However, “Was it a Dream?” by Guy de Maupassant depicts physical isolation through the loss of the protagonists lover. “I was seized by such a violent attack of fresh grief that I felt

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